Update 24-03-2021

Disclaimer: it's possible not everything is up to date on this site. You always need to follow the guidelines of the government.

Beach volleyball possible

Starting Friday, March 5, Punchers up to 26 years old can train on Wednesday and Friday between 17:00 and 21:00 hours on the beach fields of X. For more information about the content of the practice, see here.

It’s also allowed to reserve a beachfield at X at a different time through this site (you need to log in). The rules of X can be found here. Bring your own ball if you’re reserving a field outside of Punch hours.

Indoor volleybal not allowed

All indoor sports are not allowed.

End of competition season '20 - '21

The Nevobo has announced that there will be no more matches this season due to the corona virus. The (Dutch) article can be found here. This means the matches planned in March and April as previously communicated will also not be held. This means the competition season has officially ended.

When it is possible again, Punch will organise practices again. If it will be possible, we will also look into organising practice matches.

Society closed

The association is closed for members if it's not necessary.

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