Information for the Punch practices from June 5th

Disclaimer: it's possible not everything is up to date on this site. You always need to follow the guidelines of the government.

Indoor practices from June 5th

The practices will take place at X (Mekelweg 8-10, Delft) on Monday or Wednesday evening between 18:00 and 23:59. You'll have practice with your practice group in stead of your team.

It's allowed to rent an indoor field through X. You need to follow their rules, more information on their site.

The changing rooms and showers at X are still closed.

Walking routes

Entering the hall, you need to follow the normal walking routes (check the arrows). After your practice, make sure to leave the hall through the exit door/ emergency exit


  • Please desinfect the balls before the practise. The spray can be found in the storage of X2.

  • Only go to the practice, if you agree on the checklist of the Rijksoverheid (check below).

  • While you're sporting, it's allowed to be in someone's 1.5 metres distance. If you're not sporting, you have to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

  • Wear a mouth mask in the sportcentra till you sport (in X).

  • Stay with your own training group and avoid having contact with other training groups.

  • You have to disinfect your hands entering the building.

  • Physical contact is not allowed. This means no high fives, no yelling, no songs, no needless screaming, etc.

  • Please leave the sport hall as soons as possible.

Checklist Rijksoverheid:

  • Do you have corona symptoms such as: sneezing, fever, a cold, running nose, shortness of breath in the last 24 hours?
  • Do you have a roommate with fever or shortness of breath?
  • Have you had the coronovirus in the last 7 days, established in the lab?
  • Have you had a roommate/ family member or household member with Corona in the last 14 days and had contact with him or in the last 24 hours?
  • Are you in quarantine because you had contact with someone with the corona virus?

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