General information for the matches

Mouth mask advice

To provide clarity, we advise you to wear a mask in the sportcentre. You can see the differences down here:

  • The mouth mask is not a replacement for the other rules, such as keeping a distance of 1,5 meter and no yelling.
  • While entering and leaving the hall please wear a mask.
  • If a team starts with the warming-up and during the match, the mouth masks can go off.
  • If you're sitting on the players bench, please wear a mouth mask. 
  • The coach of a team doesn't have to wear a mask. This way you can still be intelligible. 
  • Counters, linesmen and jury please wear a mask.
  • Ushd and people for the organisation, please wear a mask.
  • The referees don't need to wear a mask.


The matches at X are at sportcentre X (Mekelweg 8-10, Delft). At the walls and on the floor there are several arrows to show the route. When you entry the hall, please disinfect your hands.

Between every match in X there's a break of 15 minutes. This means the first shift on Friday at X starts at 19.00 and the second shift at 21.30. Because of this, the starting and ending time is different compared to the other years. Don't be at the hall more than 5 minutes before warming up, so if you start at 18.30, don't enter the hall before 18.25. You are not allowed to enter the hall if  there's still a match going on.

During a match, teams are not allowed to have audience. Besides players, the teams can have one or two coaches a team in the hall. Everyone who enters the hall, has to be regisrated at the 'Digitaal Wedstrijd Formulier' (DWF). Everyone has to sport according to the guidelines of NOC*NSF. This means you always need to keep a distance of 1,5 metres if you're not sporting (time-outs, changing...), don't yell or scream and shake no hands.

The changing tooms at X can't be used by Punchers.

Café X is closed for sporters.

Preparations match at X

The hall (X2) is on Firdays open from 18.30. This way you can set up the fields and warmup.

The halls (X2 and X3) are on Saturdays open from 12.30. This way you can set up the fields and warmup.

The exit doors in X3 need to be closed

On Friday players and referees can enter the hall (at the earliest shift) at 18.25, the counters can enter at 18.35. For the second shift, it's 20.55 and 21.05. If there's no match still going on.

For every match there are two counters. So please place two tables at the match. This way the counters can keep a distance of 1,5 metres.

In the hall, there's one match per two fields. So you only need to put up one field. It doesn't matter what field of the two you use. Our tip is to pay attention to the sunlight.

At X3 there are no referee chairs, so you need to get them from X2.

After a match at X

The nets and poles are from the halls they're standing.

At X3 there are no referee chairs, so you need to bring them back to X2.

Away game

Please follow the rules and measures of the hall you'll visit for your competition. This can be found on their site.

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