What do I need to do as Puncher, in the following cases?

In the last couple of weeks the amount of infections of the corona virus has been increasing at students in Delft. 80% of the infections in Delft are students. This mostly happens in student houses. So please take your responsibility and prevent a local lockdown. If you have (small) symptoms of corona, stay home and contact GGD: 0800-1202 or www.coronatest.nl. Stay home till you know the result of the test.

Quarantine and isolation

You can check the difference between home quarantine and isolation at the poster below.

I got corona

If your test is positive, you're not allowed to join a match, practice or Punch activity. You need to go in isolation. We would like to know if your test is positive, if you're okay with that (bestuur@punch.tudelft.nl or +316 244 675 80).

You need to follow the instructions of the GGD. They will contact you and your team if you need to be in quarantine.

With what symptoms am I not allowed to join the practice?

You need to listen to the rules of the RIVM, check this site. So if you have cold symptoms (nasal cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat), coughing, shortness of breath, elevated temperature, a fever or sudden loss of taste and smell (without nasal congestion).

Someone in my team has corona

In general, sporters are not longer than 15 minutes very close to each other, so the GGD doesn't see teammates as 'other non-close contacts'. In this case, players can join matches, but need to pay attention on physical symptoms (see 'With what symptoms am I not allowed to join the practice?') and take their responsibility during activities.

Besides that, the following applies: safety first. If you know the person, who was tested positive, was in your 1,5 meter, please go in quarantine as long as the government tells you to.

This information is from the NOC*NSF site.

A roommate is being tested

Please check the poster below:

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