Current situation at Punch regarding Corona

Last update 08-02-2022

On January 25, new corona relaxations were announced. This meant that the catering could open again, and that the external competition could start again. This is the current sitiuation within Punch regarding corona:

The Nevobo competition has started again! Because of the postponed matches it has been decided to extend the competition until 21 May.

On X no spectators are allowed at matches. Although the government allows it again, as long as it is at 1.5 meters distance and seated, there is not enough room for spectators on X.

Punch activities can slowly be started up again! Drinks can be organized again, although they still have to be held at 1.5 meters distance and seated, and one has to wear a mouth mask when standing up.

Keep a close eye on yourself these days, do a self-test regularly and keep as much distance from people as possible. In this way, we hope that more things can be Open soon!

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