Protocol X and TOPdeskhall

Practices at X and TOPdekshall

According to X, you have to follow the rules that can be found here.

At Punch you'll sport according to the rules of NOC*NSF. The document is only in Dutch: document


  • You have to follow the instructions of the usher/ 'zaalwacht' and your trainer at all times. You need to follow the routes.

  • You are only allowed to come to the practice when you have told your trainer. Going to the practice, you automatically agree on the checklist of the Rijksoverheid (see below).

  • Come by bike or walk to training if possible. Wear a mask when you have to go with public transport or if you come to training with players from different houses in one car.

  • Stay with your own training group and avoid having contact with other training groups.

  • Everyone that is not playing will always keep 1.5 meter distance from each other.

  • You have to disinfect your hand after you have come in.

  • During training, you keep 1.5 meter distance as much as possible. Only when the trainer tells you it is necessary for the exercise, you can come within 1.5 meter of each other.

  • Physical contact is not allowed. This means no high fives, no yelling, no songs, no needless screaming, etc.

  • Make sure all the balls and other equipment is cleaned at the end of the training with the cleaning tools provided.

Extra for trainers:

  • Set your limits. If you're not feeling comfortable, you don't have to give practice.If you have corona symptoms, don't come to the practice.
  • Keep a distance of 1,5 meter at all times from everyone.
  • Tell people if they are not following the corona rules.
  • Here are some practices you can do with 1,5 meter distance, it's in Dutch unfortunatelly.
  • Avoid screaming and talking loud.
  • Follow the rules for cleaning the balls.

Checklist Rijksoverheid:

  • Do you have corona symptoms such as: sneezing, fever, a cold, running nose, shortness of breath in the last 24 hours?
  • Do you have a roommate with fever or shortness of breath?
  • Have you had the coronovirus in the last 7 days, established in the lab?
  • Have you had a roommate/ family member or household member with Corona in the last 14 days and had contact with him or in the last 24 hours?
  • Are you in quarantine because you had contact with someone with the corona virus?

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