Corona measures for visitors


The matches at X are at sportcentre X (Mekelweg 8-10, Delft). At the walls and on the floor there are several arrows to show the route. When you entry the hall, please disinfect your hands.

Between every match in X there's a break of 15 minutes. Because of this, the starting and ending time is different compared to the other years. Don't be at the hall more than 5 minutes before warming up, so if you start at 18.30, don't enter the hall before 18,25. You are not allowed to enter the hall if  there's still a match going on.

During a match, teams are not allowed to have audience. Besides players, the teams can have one or two coaches a team in the hall. Everyone who enters the hall, has to be regisrated at the 'Digitaal Wedstrijd Formulier' (DWF). Everyone has to sport according to the guidelines of NOC*NSF. This means you always need to keep a distance of 1,5 metres if you're not sporting (time-outs, changing...), don't yell or scream and shake no hands.

The changing rooms at X are only allowed to use as a visitor for a competition match, please check the schedule here (below the page) in what room you can change.

After the match you need to leave the hall as soon as possible according to the route. You can drink something at Café X, you need to register with the QR-code at the bar.

You're never allowed to come with corona symptoms and you always need to listen to people of X and the usher.

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