General information for activities at Punch



The teammeeting cannot be held at X at this moment. Instead, we advise you the following concerning the teammeeting: Have the meeting on Zoom or outside. The Mekelpark is a very good option for this. Also, the canteen at the TOPdeskhall is a suitable location, since there is enough space for everyone. Please think about original and safe solutions to have the meeting and of course keep a safe distance of 1,5 meters.


Teamdinner is a lot of fun, however it does not go without risks. Please think of the measures of the RIVM before you organise teamdinner. This means: Invite a maximum number of 6 guests and always keep a 1,5 meter distance. Therefore we would advise to have teamdinner at two different locations.


Do not plan a teamweekend in the first half year of the competition. Do you still want to go out with your team, then plan a day activity during which you can keep a 1,5 meter distance.

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